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Jim graduated from the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside with a first in Fine Art BA (Hons) in 2000. Working primarily with digital video he has exhibited work at various galleries and digital art festivals.

in june 2002 he collaborated with Paul Emery, Joe Gilmore, Tom Knapp, Ed Martin, Alex Peverett on a renterperation of a piece of music writen by the 1930's composer Poulenc, Litanies a la vierge noire. three perfomaces where recoreded one recording intened for play back on tour with the opera company in various venuse in the north of the uk. see:

James as well as Paul Emery, Joe Gilmore, Alex Peverett where invited to work at Screenlab. Sited in the phase 4 gallery at Leeds City Art Gallery Screenlab aims to become an experimental halfway point between studio and gallery for the development of non conventional audio-visual environments. This was a12 month programme of artist residencie that focus on the research of digital moving image and audio technology.


The reserch which was developed was shown in the foyer / entrance to Leeds City Art Gallery, Screenlab installed a temporary video wall which consists of 4 TV monitors arranged in a horizontal line. Each monitor is synchronised to play mpg2 files from a computer which can be scripted to play the files in sequence across the 4 monitors. The first project was to create a piece of work for this video wall, We then explored the rapid imperceptible movement [using Max] within scenes of very little visible action. We decided to take video portraits of visitors to the gallery and explore facial movement. Like Andy Warhol's 'Screen Tests', this would expose the complex relationship of camera and self, of seeing and being seen.

Visitors to the gallery were asked to stand and look into a Sony DVCam video camera for approximately 30 seconds. The resulting footage from these video portraits was then ouput using Max + Nato. Tiny imperceptible movements in the subjects' faces were revealed by rapid stuttering and repetition between frames in the movies. This was achieved by progressively moving through the digital movie and looping rapidly between 2-15 frames at a time at an accumulated speed of between 2 and 15 milliseconds. The resulting 52 movies were cropped to exactly 5 minutes, encoded as mpg2 and placed on the computer controlling the installation.

see + download quicktimes of hypersenisite hear:

In March 2001 he was commissioned by Lovebytes to create a video installation. His piece, 'Carrot Chopping 2', was a six screen video work, projected on and through the Workstation windows in Sheffield. He has also exhibited work at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow [with A. Peverett and J. Gilmore], the Burning Bush live art Festival in Dundee and the Kiev Ukraine International Film Festival. He has also provided visuals for electronic music events such as Vector and the Dyman_x Festival at Zion Arts centre in Manchester. Jim also programs his own music which has been released on labels such as ooze.bap [] [Barcelona] also most resenly a split 7" on melange 004 and also a track included on the ROOT Festival cd compilation TOOTPAK. He recently organised a group exhibition at Turtle Arts Gallery, Mansfield rd., Nottingham where he exhibited a video installation.